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Bare feet walking on a log

Building Strong Arches

How to Fix Flat Feet

Whether you were born with flat feet or developed them over time you can (re)build foot arches with research-based exercises. The first thing you are want to do though, is remove the contributing factors to your collapsed arches. This may include changing the type of shoes you are wearing, altering your current exercise routine temporarily as you build strength, and adopting new habits such as walking barefoot. 

How long does it take to fix flat feet?

Using exercise to strengthen arches and treat flat feet is not an immediate fix, but it may take less time than you think. With a guided routine of the right exercises and consistent approach you can start feeling and seeing the results within a few weeks. 

Our Programs 

Build Strong Feet offers guided, clear and simple, highly visual, and short exercise programs that enable you to be successful and build a foot arch that makes both Titus and St. Louis blush. Our programs are built upon research-based exercises to strengthen arches and correct flat feet. The goal is to gain more function, reduce injury and pain, and improve your performance in your sport(s) of choice. 

Our Building Strong Arches Program is in the works. Join the waiting and encourage us to build it sooner!

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