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Foot Arch Pain

Treating Fallen Arches with Exercise

If you have flat feet you may be surprised to learn that not only can you cure pain from fallen arches but you can also rebuild foot arches through exercise. But first, let's talk about some of the causes behind collapsed arches and why you are experiencing fallen arch pain. 

Causes of Collapsed Arches

You may have always had flat feet or there may have been a gradual decline of your arch over time. One of the most prevalent causes of arch pain is footwear. For men, a raised heel such as in boots, or a narrow toe box such as in dress shoes or even sneakers, place the foot out of natural alignment. This shift in your feet's alignment causes the arch to gradually flatten. 

But often the cause is trauma to the arch caused by an injury. Maybe you sprained an ankle, or ran a farther distance than usual, or you performed an exercise that you haven't tried in a while. These can trigger a strain to the arch that can take months or even longer to recover.  

How to rebuild arches in Flat Feet?

Arch pain can be treated, and flat feet can rebuild arches through exercise. While foot orthotics and anti-inflammatory medication may be helpful to deal with the acute pain, exercise is foundational to treating the cause and preventing future injury. 


Our Programs to Fix Flat Feet and Arch Pain

Our exercise programs focus on fixing the root cause of your arch pain and building strong foot arches that allow you to be active in your sport(s) of choice. Our programs are easy to follow, simple, and short so that you can finish what you started. 

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