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Exercise to Relieve Foot Arch Pain

  • 5Weeks


Fallen or collapsed foot arches can be very painful and can limit your to ability walk, run, play sports or even stand for too long. A fallen foot arch can be rebuilt and your foot can become pain-free. How? Through research-based exercises proven to rebuild foot arches. Our program, Exercise to Relieve Foot Arch Pain, is a 5-week course where you will participate in guided foot exercises to help you rehabilitate and rebuild your fallen arches. How it works: You will receive a short exercise video daily, 5 days a week over a 5 week period. The videos contain clear step-by-step instructions so you can follow along. The program requires no prior knowledge and is appropriate for all ages and physical fitness levels. DISCLAIMER: Exercise as a treatment for collapsed arches is not appropriate for extreme cases. If you have a severely collapsed arch we recommend consulting with your doctor and physical therapist to select the appropriate treatment method for you.




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