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Build from the Ground Up

Exercise Programs to Build Strong Feet.

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Using Exercise to Correct Flat Feet

Having flat feet or collapsed arches can cause pain, limit function, and can lead to injury. Research has shown that specific exercises can successfully build foot arches over a structured rehabilitation program.

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By building and strengthening our foot arches we can live pain free and enjoy a more active life.

Flat Feet

Also known as: Fallen Arches / Collapsed Arches / Pes Planus / Pes Planovalgus 

The causes for flat feet include:

  • Genetics

  • Narrow foot wear

  • Injury 

  • Wear and tear

  • Diabetes, Arthritis, and other illness

While the most widely accepted treatment for collapsed arches is orthotics, this treats the symptom without addressing it's source. Your foot is lacking a functioning arch and, while short-term use of orthotics may be effective, long-term usage leads to further lost arch-height and dependence on external support. 

What you need is a strong internal foot arch that supports high function. 

And that's exactly what our programs give you. 

Our Programs


Overcoming Arch Pain and Fallen Arches

Our program will help you find relief from arch pain. The program includes guided exercise videos, stretching, and recommendations to help you achieve feet that feel good and function well. 


Building Arches for Performance

Flat feet don't just cause pain but also can lead to lessened function. In our program we help you build a foot arch to achieve max function and avoid future injury and pain. 


Learning to Run Barefoot Style

Running barefoot is an excellent way to reduce knee and back injuries while learning a more natural running form. However, diving in too fast can lead to other injuries. Our program guides you to build up gradually for a smooth transition. 



 Your foot arch can be built. 

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